Laniakea (Physical Copy)


Release Date: 08/2019

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On August 1, 2019, hALF wHEEL released “Laniakea”, the band’s most ambitious recording to date. “Laniakea” is a Hawaiian word meaning “immeasurable heavens”. In addition to Jazz and Sean, the album contains a number of guest musicians to help create a well rounded album.

Jazz wanted to create a concept album that took the listener on a journey through outer space. “Laniakea” is that album. The album starts at the sun, and works its way through the solar system until eventually ending up in the immeasurable heavens. Each song on the album represents a different celestial body.

“Laniakea” was recorded by Jazz Byers at Rattle Clack Entertainment in Pittsburgh, PA, and was mixed by Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios in Steubenville, OH.